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Diamond Polishing Compounds

EXTEC Premium Natural Diamond and EXTEC I Monocrystalline Diamond Compounds are prepared with our unique diamond carrier. This enables the compound to adhere to specimens for maximum performance while maintaining lubricity for longer life in polishing and can be easily cleaned without the aid of harsh chemicals. They are available in premium grades from 0.1 to 45 micron.

EXTEC Premium Polycrystalline Synthetic Diamond Compounds are distinctively formulated with HEAVY Diamond Concentration and our unique diamond carrier and can be easily cleaned without the aid of harsh chemicals. The microcrystalline structured diamond products are environmentally safe, produced from multi-faceted (block-shaped) hexagonal microcrystallites that are equally hard in all directions resulting in high removal rate with low deformation.

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Fast, convenient and economical, the C-K (Clear-Kling) System uses a revolutionary clear backing that allows adhesion without adhesives. C-K discs can be applied to any platen. Select your desired C-K cloth, abrasive disc or diamond lapping film and apply to platen - it instantly adheres. When finished just lift and replace with the next item. C-K discs stay on the platen and may be used repeatedly. Available on a variety of Extec products.
PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) backing that is oil, water & alcohol resistant.
Cloth backing is available for most products.
Plain backing is available for most products.
Poly Back:
Extec Poly backing.
Non-metallic, magnetic compatible backing.
  • Premium Natural

    Formulated with virgin natural diamond, manufactured to yield sharp aggressive particles and exhibit excellent relative thermal stability.

  • EXTEC I Synthetic

    Formulated with synthetic monocrystalline diamond, these diamond powders exhibit a block structure for strength.

  • Premium Polycrystalline

    Available in grades from .10 micron to 45 micron.